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// Vox & Rhythm Guitar


Jordan Becker started singing in choir as age nine and continued in that path for the next six years. Going through school he surrounded himself with musical and vocal influences such as James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Van Morrison, Ella Fitzgerald and the Grateful Dead. Vocals filled with soul, passion and insight joined with a steady rhythm guitar has led him to Medicine Hat.


// drums


Timothy Moss started drumming at a very early age in Connecticut. By the time he was in grade school he was being asked to join bands with members older than himself. As the fondness for drumming took hold on him, he started listening to his favorite bands. At this time it was mostly rock music he was drawn too. Groups like Genesis/ Rush/ AC/DC and Van Halen were his favorites. Then in 8th grade a buddy introduced him to Billy Cobham and Buddy Rich. This would forever change his life. He soon realized his path in life. Great bands had great drummers. So then he started to study drumming, taking lessons and schooling wherever he could. Listening to recordings became sort of a religion to him. Then in high school he went to drum clinic featuring Dave Weckl. After the show he met with Dave and this again changed his life. Dave showed him how to be musical on the drums. Now many years later and countless local and touring bands, Tim has played drums all over Europe as part of a U.SO. Rock band and has played countless venues as a drummer for local bands here in the states. Continuing his study for drumming Tim has added a nice Jazz resume to his drumming profile. Now part of two Jazz groups (The jazz game) and (Thejazztributeband) he continues to push forward the boundaries of his musical spectrum. Always learning always growing makes Tim a great asset to these projects. Today Tim is influenced by many great drummers on the music scene and by the great jazz players who are here and the ones who have left a great legacy behind. .


// Bass


Pat Conner was introduced to music at age 11 by his mother who arranged for piano lessons from the organist from the local church.  Nearly three years of weekly lessons and practice evolved into an interest in rhythm and the bass guitar.  At the age of 14, Pat discarded his skateboard and pledged loyalty to the sounds of the low end of the tonal spectrum with the purchase of his first bass guitar.  Listening to rhythms of Led Zeppelin, the Allman Brothers, Rush and Iron Maiden, Pat has developed a unique style that is smooth while providing plenty of thunder. During his college years, Pat discovered the jam band scene which took him to many shows that introduced him to influential artists such as Phish, The Funky Meters, Moe., Galactic and The String Cheese Incident.  The interest in the jam band scene is what led Pat to seek out musicians to help create what eventually became Medicine Hat.


// Guitar


John Bass crossed paths with an electric guitar when he was 14 years old. His early influences include guitar legends Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix. Years of late night chops have led to a jamming sound that will rock any house.


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